assume My website name is

When i enter the in google , it does not give my website name in the search list.

So for that to happen some one suggested to use keywords specific to my website like mobile search or something like that .

How to give these things in web.config file . Please tell me .

Hope i am clear with my question

Submit your site into google first for indexing purpose. After getting indexed you will fund your site in Google. Add keywords in your content page. Add general kewords in master page & also stuff page specific keywords in your content pages.

You should have your keywords placed on your site's contents so that Google will index it accordingly.

Also, by using social bookmarking and article submissions you can have more traffic coming in.

Your website is not yet indexed in google and that is simple reason why it is not there on the SERP for your particular search query.

I suggest you to get some reputed backlinks using social bookmarking, forum posting, or blog commenting and let google index your site first.

Also submit sitemap through google webmasters tools.

Newly launched websites are always difficult to have rankings over the net, especially if the niches and web fields are among the competitive and hot ones. Try remaining patient for sometime and add links and contents to your site.


Sounds like you website is not yet indexed by Google... Start building some backlinks to your site, submit high quality articles to Ezine & Goarticles and make sure you add your website URL in the author bio box...

Your website is either not indexed or already banned by google.

I advice You to read the following article about SEO:
"An approach for counting of the Google Page Rank and the number of the true visitors of the business website"

You have not been indexed in the first place. Tips for u!

As soon as new content is added to the website, webmasters should try to use social bookmarking site like Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati to bookmark. I have noticed Google indexes Digg pages in less than 2 hours!

first you indexe your site in google and then create some quality backlinks using directory submission, article submission, blog, forum posting and let google index your site first.

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