I've noticed that the page rank for << url snipped >> varies considerably when using the search query 'direct democracy'.
One of my users believes the number of times he visits the site may have an effect.

Does anybody know if this is the case.

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No. Pagerank / PR have nothing to do with website traffic.

Thanks csgal. My apologies for mentioning the site.



It's okay. Remember, PR is entirely based on how many other domain names / sites / pages link to a particular webpage.

most to do with traffic is the content and SEO :)

Yes PR does not affect traffic, I have a client with a PR5 site but not getting any search engine traffic. The main reason was because he's title tags and meta descriptions were not targeting his desired market.
So relevant content affects traffic

partly we can say that visit affect because, when more people visit that website more people add link to it, so thats how it can affect thats all.

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