Stumped on something that ought to be simple and wondering if we have an mod-rewrite gurus that have some ideas...

I have urls in the form of:

the only significant thing to me here is that report id, which is now something like:


I already have the base old domains redirecting to the base of the new domain and can pick up the pattern match on the report id, but can't seem to get the rewriterule to the new domain.

thoughts much appreciated!!



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The simplest way I know of doing this is by making the SEO'ed url into:

The actual dynamic page could then use regex to fetch the number from the end of the page title string and know what report ID # to fetch.

thanks for the reply .. the key is that new site is already SEO complete (and working well!). Now we need to changeover from the old style urls and make the numbers go away completely. The problem seems to be all the new urls get the query string appended and I just need that NOT to happen. thanks!!


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