I recently heard a new ppc campaign builder program "Efficient PPC".
How you all think about this.
Anybody used it.
Please post ur review.


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I've never heard of it, although I am familiar with quite a few PPC management tools. Personally I like to remain in house and use Google's downloadable AdWords Editor software.

hi All,
i think each softwares has its benefits that others don't....
for total comparison , maybe we can find it here : PPC-Softwares.Com

for Efficient PPC , I like the ability to automatic campaign split..
so we can set that in 1 campaign how many adgroups do we want, 100 or 200 or 500 ..even 2000 . of course for Google Adwords, we need our account limit to be raised..

for Speed PPC , they have launched the version 3 recently, and add few features that also Efficient don't have...like the ability to support 9 PPC search engines....like ask.com, etc

so in my opinion, the decision to choose which one is better, is depend on what is our need
from the software..., some people like efficient, because they don't use all search engines for ppc campaign...
some like speed because they use it....
some like efficient because they like the ability

you can find all the total comparison at the URL above..

thanks ...



I recently found a site which is offering speed ppc for 350$.
Plz check this out.
Speed ppc Blog:)



Speed PPC's good for Adwords users, gotta run it with Adwords editor


I heard about a new ppc campaign building software AdWordAccelerator. what about this one? It seems much cheaper than efficient ppc and speedppc.


Never heard of Efficient PPC before... I'll have to check it out and add a review to my site. I already have a review of SpeedPPC here.

To be honest its a pretty good piece of kit, so the main reason why I'd look at changing would be either price or some huge innovative feature...

I have used both and would have to say that I like efficient better. I am not big on Speed and I used it with adwords with not that much success.

However, I do not promote offers on my own websites. I promote offers from CPA networks. Since I earn a commission and not the full profit I have to be slightly better to get ahead. When I say get ahead I have to make more in affiliate commissions from primary ads, The cost per action network I am a member of, than I pay for clicks from adwords.

For this method of PPC I do not find Speed that effecive. Just my outlook on it

Thanks for comment,
But in my opinion SpeedPPC is always better option compare to efficientppc.It has more feature and also create faster campaign than
efficientppc.Chk out this SpeedPPC blog to know more in depth and get discount on purchase.


All the best,


Just would like to inform you about new offer went live on speedppc site.With a huge 40% discount on their top-of-the-line package SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro, you'll save almost $200 off the normal price. You can use your savings to kick off your PPC campaigns or splurge it...
This offer is valid from 22nd june 09 to 24th june 09.
you can use google to know more on speedppc.
In my opinion its a very cool tool for ppc campaign building.


I think efficient is much better because I have used it.To get more info and product review about Efficient ppc ,please visit this blog:
Efficient PPC Blog


Thanks for the link, I am going to check out the blog now.

speed ppc is better

You name it, I've tried it.

  • Speed PPC
  • PPC Kahuna
  • Google Cash Detective
  • PPC Bully

The tool that delivers the best results of all is Keyword ESP!

You can Google "Keyword ESP" or click Traffic Secrets in my .sig
Watch the video and you'll see why this is the way to go w/ PPC.

I think efficient is much better because I have used it.To get more info and product review about Efficient ppc ,please visit this blog:
Efficient PPC Blog


Not a big fan of any of the softwares available for ppc management. I think that they are a cheezy replacement for a human set of eyes. 100% would advise you to learn to manage things manually first before even considering these programs.

There is no comparison between Speed PPC and Efficient PCC. The top 2 PPC software are Speed PPC and then Ad Grenade. With respect to some feature like keyword tracking Ad Grenade is helpful then Speed PPC.

I would say wide PPC program would be the best policy because by knowing exactly how much you would be spending over the ads clicks on a daily basis, plus choosing the accurate worlds you would be receiving targeted traffic and economically.

Why not ose both, I don't think there is no contradication here!

SEO will do u long time benefit and PPC is quick and effective.

It is better to make a balance use of both!

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