Hi People,

I know this is probably a huge topic, but im going to ask it anyway!!

Basically i want my web page top of google!! (as does everyone i guess!!). I know that google doesnt refer to sites meta tags, and that its generally about links within you site, links to external sites etc.

But my question is, how many times should i be submitting my URL to google in order for it to go through the rankings? Ive been on googles site and submitted my site for the googlebot to crawl through it. But should i be submitting it daily.....weekly......or is just the once enough???

Thanks alot

Just once is more than enough. Even that isn't necessary ;) Google finds your site by reaching it from other sites that link to you - thus the nature of the world wide web - a giant network of hyperlinks. Therefore, the key to getting high rankings on google is to get lots of other sites to link to you :) The more sites, the higher your ranking. The foundation of google's search algorithm is: if lots of sites link to a particular website, that website must be pretty important, so we should give it a higher ranking ;)

The exact formula isn't published. But it isn't links from your site, it's links TO your site, that count. And those links are also weighted by the "rank" of the page linking to you.

If you can get MicroSoft to link to you, for example, that link would be "worth" more in terms of Google Rank, than a link from my website.

Google also looks at the terms used to link to you. Thus my signature, where I use keywords to link to my site.

Fantastic, thankyou SO much for that.....i understand alot more now.
Thanks alot for your help everyone :)

how many times should i be submitting my URL to google in order for it to go through the rankings?

You should never have to submit your site to any of the major search engines, including Google. They will find you through links on other sites.

linking off to resource sites can improve your hub score, but a large part of the algorithm is anchor text.

related sites also pass greater credit due to algorithms like hilltop.


My first time on. Can someone please answer this one for me:

I had a google PR of 5 and then decided to exchange several (approx 20) front page links with other highly rated sites. My google PR has slid to 4. I have now heard that outgoing home page links dilutes rather than strengthens PR. I'm thinking of deleting these links. 1/2 of them are reciprocating and the other half link to a third party. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.