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An all Flash website is handicappeed versus and semantic website (HTML). Doing all of the following will still put an all Flash website at a severe disadvantage.

The problems with using Flash include:

1) It's a one page site. How many one page sites do you know that rank well?

2) You lose the power of semantic markup. No HTML = no clues for the search engines as to the importance of keywords.

3) Expanding on point 2, you don't have any anchor text since you don't have any internal links. That just kills you in Google.

4) There isn't a whole lot of proof that the search engines can read flash as well as HTML.

You have only one available tool for trying to SEO the site and its effect is minimal. Put alternative content between the <object> tags. This has the same effect as the <noscript> tags for JavaScript.

If you are making an all flash site, your only real hope is to try to be successful in a massive incoming link campaign. Otherwise you have to target marginally competitive keywords or niche keywords as you virtually don't have a prayer of ranking for anything even remotely competitive.

Your only other option is to create a second version of the site so it can be read by search engines, users with accessibility issues, and users who don't have flash. Of course you've doubled your development costs by doing this as you have two websites to maintain now.

Don't build full flash site but try to build your site using small flash movies.

now there is a tool named " swf2html" in the market available you can make use of this tool for your sites content to get indexed.

Yes you can do that. But its not recommended as the search engines view that as Black Hat Tactics and will possibly ban you.

The best thing to do is create a separate HTML site with a link outside the flash in a separate table area that connects to the HTML site. But then unless someone directly typed in your URL they would not see the flash site because the Search Engines would only rank the HTML site

Or you could simply create a table that the flash animation is in and create another table that has the text within it so that the search engines can read the text, they won’t see the flash and will treat it just as if it were just an image.

But again if you are going through all this you might as well design a site that looks good with some flash within it, but is made up of HTML, tables and CSS to get the best results.

It's all about balance.

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