I put a client's site on a link exchange and we have about 14 links back to her site but Google says there are no external links to the site. Does anyone know why Google isn't finding the links?

Thanks for your help.

When were the links added?
Give Google some time to index the pages which contain your links-which point back to your site. After all the spiders do not index all sites and all pages everyday. Patience is a must with SEO. Besides this-check out the sites where your link has been added--Link text-Description, etc.

Sunil Punjabi

Thank you for your reply.

Your information to check the description is very helpful.

First, the Google link: command only shows a subset of links, and usually only the best quality links. If that is what you are using, I'd suggest you look at the Yahoo linkdomain: command results, and also sign up for Google Webmaster tools and look at the link lists within that tool -- those are much more comprehensive and accurate than the Google link: command.

Second, if these are really link exchanges, Google may just ignore the links, as reciprocal (and other artificial) links are a game that Google discounts heavily, especially when the sites are not relevant.

Rather than link exchanges, focus on "real" link building with good content, online PR and leveraging your community, partners, etc.