Hello all. I read on the web that this forum website was a follow site (towards links) back in 2004. Then I read it is nofollow in 2006. So I am confused. Which one would it be? Thanks for the input.

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Not sure what your question is. The specification for the nofollow attribute was first officially created in 2005, and we began using it not long after.

Oh, ok. I mean't if the site is rel=follow or rel=nofollow for search engines spidering the links. Thanks!

Yes, I knew that's what you were talking about :)

To the best of my knowledge this site is do follow and not no follow. I can't be certain but I have found that my posts in this fourm can indexed by Google quite easily and I have already found some of my posts when I search in Google directly by my Company name. I think that if I could find my posting son Google this forum is most likely not no follow. In either case I have found Daniweb to be good for seo and indexing.

cscgal, you know the answer ;) so please help , are signature links follow or noffollow ? ;)

Why don't you just check the source?

its NO follow :=)

How to check if site is no follow/do follow?
Through Firefox
Right-click the link in the comments section to click on Properties. If the pop-up box says nofollow then that's what it is. If it doesn't mention nofollow, then it's not nofollow.
Hope this clear things out.

i dont get him either lOl

The signature links in this forum are nofollow. Take a look at one of your posts and then view the source code of that page. Search for your sig link and you will see rel=nofollow

Daniweb is dofollow for sure :)

This forum community is very effective and helpful for promotion. It is dofollow.

Daniweb is nofollow!

This forum is nofollow, you can check by viewing the source code..

sorry but this is nofollow ...

yes, i believe that this forum is a do follow. i saw it on one of the list of do follow forum

This forum community is very effective and helpful for promotion. It is dofollow.

Hi Flower,
I agree with you this forum community is very effective for promotion but when when I checked source code it's show no follow.

It is no follow website...

just use any of your for backlinks check programs and u will find out with any of your blogs or forum when u write at

check the source and find your link.

May be no follow but not sure :(

Signature links are nofollow here. I don't understand why you've asked this question here. You can easily check it from source code or can also use NoDoFollow add-ons of Mozilla. Anyway signature links are nofollow that does not mean they're totally useless. You could get good visits to your site. So keep posting with more interesting and useful posts!

DaniWeb is NOFOLLOW...if you have Chrome you can download an extension called "Chrome SEO" then just put a checkmark at the bottom of that "ShowNofollow" and you can instantly see what links are nofollow by a red dotted border surrounding those links. In any case all external links that I can see are NoFollow (no benefit for your site in the search engines)

Yes, this is no-follow site. However, it's interesting to join and discover the topics around here. We can learn a lot.

daniweb is nofollow. to check follow or nofollow use google add on nodofollow

Follow this site and follow my knowledge no one's best to do. I will not, but I have found that in the Fourm posts indexed by Google can be quite easily and I already may have found some of your posts when I Google my company name directly Search. I think if my son can get the Google posting this stage is most likely not follow. In either case I have found Daniweb be good for SEO and indexing.

I believe that Daniweb is a no follow forum, since the last time I checked.

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