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what kind of traffic do you consider the highest quality? Who has the best conversion rate for actual sales.

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The traffic which are coming from your targeted visitors from your niche relevant to their search can be considered best traffic and possibly you can get good conversion rate.


Word of mouth, by far! When you click on a banner ad and land at a site, all you initially know about the site are the nifty little graphics in the banner. When you click on a search engine result and land at a site, all you initially know about the site is that it supposedly contains the keyword you entered in the search field. But with word of mouth, sites can come with a little or a whole lot of information attached to them. "I know the site owner" ... "Check me out on the site, I'm a regular contributor" ... etc etc - People don't just say "Visit this site" without giving more details about it.


It all depends how you maintain a good relationship and spread widely your contact sphere with your customers in addition to delivering them good product or service to get a WOM. I mean your good relationship will increase the vocal length of your customers otherwise they might whisper only. :rolleyes:

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