The recent years have seen an exponential rise in keyword bidding, competition and resulting rise in pay per click costs. In some cases it can cost £2 or more to get top 5 positions in Google Adwords or other pay per click campaigns. Click fraud is another rising concern.

Pay per click certainly has its advantages as it is quick way to get results. However in the long run organic search engine otpimisation is recommended even though the results may time to accumulate. A big advantage is that results are more permanent unlike pay per click where the ranking will completely dsiapper on the end of the campaign,

I recommend set ppc program and organic seo synchronously. because seo need long time effort.

I agree, do both things simultaneously... PPC can also give some insights you can use in SEO (e.g. good call-to-action phrases etc.)

bec traffic from search engines is more specific that ppc

This is another one of those "Either Or" that is really not a choice.

PPC can be a critical component for any site - and can give you traffic right away - they key is to start small, optimize and tune, and focus on converting visitors in to lasting customers.

Fot other sites SEO is the dominant strategy - but you don't use either in isolation - SEO is not Free - compared to PPC - it has costs - either in hiring someone - or if your own efforts. So best to look at your whole business requirements & marketing strategy - and come up with right mix of efforts.

Click fraud is a major problem. I have run many campaigns only to find out that my budget of $500 was gone and not a single phone call was generated to me. I am slowly moving away from pay per click as I am discovering that a lot of it is a arip off

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I'm looking for someone who can teach me about Torrents. Can anyone here give me some good advice?

We optimized website content for one Canadian software development company 2 years ago and stopped working on it then, however, the website still can be easily found in web and bring the potential customers. Those guys optimized their website and paid one time only, however they still have a lot of sales.

I think internet consumers are becoming blind to ads. I have asked several of my customers about the ads and they say they pass them up and move on to the natural listings on the serp's.

It is always best to make your website rank naturally on the serp's. However it may be necessary to use ppc until you get up and running.

B'coz the Organic SEO is Stay Forever and PPC is run by only money. and organic SEO is cost Effective from PPC

Organic SEO is a long term result while Pay Per Click is just for short period of time. But if you want to earn revenue easily PPC is the best.

I have stuck with the natural way to get traffic, however now that I have built that up and it is working, I want to try PPC.
I have researched it and it will have alot to do with what keyword is popular at the time.
When I built my website I had certain keywords in mind, however now others have taken over.
I know about the costs involved, however It will not hurt to try it for a month.

Pay=per-click is good only if you want to have a better conversion but it does not help your site in the long run.

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