Hello Friends,

I like to thank you for reading my post today. I have one question about converting 2 of my 4+ years old sites into 1.

My 2 sites are PR4 and PR3. Both are free dating sites. I like to keep PR4 site.

What options should I select? What option is good in SEO to double traffic for PR4 site?

1. Redirect PR3 site to PR4 site.
2. Keep PR4 site intact, create some pages on PR3 site to link to PR4 site.
For example: on PR3 site, create some links on this site, and link to PR4 site.
Using PR4 keywords such as 'free dating sites', 'free dating service', when user click on these links on PR3 site, they will go to PR4 site.
Then, imgrate members from PR3 site into PR4 site

In this case, is my PR4 site considered to be duplicated content?

Any help is appreciated.


I would choose option 1 as your best bet. The other options 'seem' to me, would trigger a negative reaction from the big G.

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