Hi, i have a client's site

Last month, our site has a very good ranking in google, but in this month ,

ranking is suddently fallys on our keywords.

But the keywords ranking in Yahoo is very much increased.
I can not understand why this is done by google.

Can any body give me some suggestion


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I thing google update their rankigs time after time or it's just other sites raised their rankings rapidly
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Did you make any change in your website? Like change the Title tags etc.

this effect rankings temporarly unless things are changed completely.

Assuming its new site this happen it appear and disappear, might be google updates it's technology beyond the normal monthly updates, does it appear in other search engine like MSN & Yahoo! ?

I don't think thats the reason for site disappearing.

The major factor is when you make changes to your website. The result can be dropping in rankings and it usually takes several weeks to regain rankings or see increased rankings.

This is not uncommon for Google. Especially for new sites. If your rankings aren't restored within a couple of weeks it is safe to assume they aren't coming back any time soon. You will have to do what everyone else does to improve their rankings: keep adding unique quality content and promoting your site.

Additionally, Yahoo and Google rarely have similar results. Their algorithms are very different at the current time. So you can rank well in Yahoo and do poorly in Google.

Beside content quality backlinks will also help.

Actually, the point of quality content is to get quality backlinks. You can't get a decent number of quality backlinks without quality content.

From 1st January 2007 there has been reports of sites losing ranks in Google. Looks like a google algo tweak. If you have not done anything bad (spammy?) in your site, then it might be worth waiting for some weeks to see how things develop. I have seen and managed sites coming back strongly after losing rank for 3 - 4 months.

Remember, for every site losing rank there is another site gaining rank. This is normal. After all, how do you know that the sites gaining rank don't deserve to be ranked higher?

This happens to some sites. I read same prob in many other forums too.
Check your Backlinks with a PR. Does your link appear still same in that page?

keep up with the quality permanent backlinks it wont drop =)

What changes (however small) have you made? Also, has the number of inbound links to your site (or your competitors' sites) changed significantly?

What changes (however small) have you made? Also, has the number of inbound links to your site (or your competitors' sites) changed significantly?

Actually number of links isn't important. It's quality of links that matters.

Did you make a recent change to your website? Is there alot of competition? You may need to update your pages or get some quality link backs.

Actually now google is concentrating more on quality and relevant back links than quantity that's why many sites are lossing ranks.... You can even see this in free web directories which don't capitalize on quality of links... my friend has many web directories but suddenly many inner pages of his directory lost PR (before g update the inner pages were PR 2 but now they are PR 0). I would love to hear some nice comments on this, from stymiee

PR has nothing to do with quantity. Never has. If a page's PR is dropping it is because it has less PR then it did before. They may have lost links, the links they have may have lower PR, or the PR being sent to those pages didn't climb faster then the rate pages are being added to the Internet (which affects the entire PR scale).

Hi Shail

You didnt mention to which number your ranking fell or what was your previous ranking and what is the current one?

I suspect "Google Minus 30 Penalty!"

Only if you provide the currect stats then we could make the assessments and remedies.

Thank you

There is no Google minus 30 penalty. That's a myth started at Webmythworld.

changes in keyword ranking are normal, just don't stop optimizing your site...

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