Google Webaccelerator is being used to crawl and spider URLs

Interestingly enough, several brand new never before owned URLs have just been added to Google SERPs

What is so interesting is that they were purchased about a week ago - the hand coding of the site and the FTP-ing were only done a new computer that had the Google Accelerator on it.

They are NOT linked anywhere because they are still being worked on.

There have been URLs in the past without that Google Accerator Computer being used - purchased from the same domain reseller and using the same host - that were not added until someone began the process.

This is good if you want it added - but be forwarned - since Google now spiders Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Flash etc... be sure you want them on the Web :o

if you know what'a mean

But this also brings up an interesting point....
All the Visited URLs from everyone are in Google's main database - so they ALL are spidered - is this information being used in their ALGOs - not for JUST personalization - but in the General Algos (an equivalent to the Bookmark tracking sites - the more visits - the more Popular a site is) and will get a higher SERPs....hmmm...

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Ya know what, I'll give it a go! :) I had a similar question about Personalized Searching not too long ago - I assume Google IS data mining this info in some way.

not just THIS data - but toolbar data, click popularity, possibly Google WIFI, ......they have realized that the old days of just using LINK POPULARITY & keywords just won't go as this decade continues.

Everything that factors human behavior holds some potential info

Yes, I definitely agree :)

Here is something else to note about URLs

Google Search Quality Engineer / Representative did come out and admit that URLs with:

& % etc

are now excluded form counting as links - and are devalued

- He said avoid & % etc, "We wont look at them"

But & is just a query string URL!!

(and please, no referring to any URLs in this forum because even if it's relevant, it becomes impossible to tell whether you're linking to an article on a site you own or are affiliated with)

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