Is adsense still working success?

Yes, it is. But you need to learn how it works first. You have to read, test, investigate. It takes months.

I still get a good income in adsense. You only need a patience in getting traffic. Once you got good traffic, you will also get a good income.

HI mario,
thanks for your good and positive reply..
i started my website 6 months before.. but still i didnt earned a single penny. let me know how to make traffic to my site?
but now im earning now only through this paid to read website. weblogsolution.com/recommends/Euro10

Anyhow thanks for your reply.

Try to use social bookmarking, submit your site to directories, article submission and also forum posting. You can't only get traffic of this but backlinks as well.

And you should also consider the niche of your site. A niche that you think can attract more people is good since the key for good income in adsense is traffic.

I am growing my adsense income just like everyone else did in the beginning. It may pay less than it used to, however it is still free money and it keeps your website online.

I can't begin to tell how good adsense is. It becomes a regular income. (passive)

It will not work if you do not have traffic. And you must have great content and keywords to get picked up in the search engines to get this traffic.

I haven't worked it all out yet but out of about 400 pages on my website, 5 really do well with keywords and bring in around 200 people a day.. The other 395 pages are ok but image if they were as important as the others.. How to make them like that is the question?

I have another new website and it had around 5 pages and one of those started to pick up traffic already.. Who can tell???

People using adword are learning pretty first , google advertising program will make you bankrupt in few months , more people move away from adwords , you will earn fewer and fewer pennies from adsense.