We use Google, Yahoo and Business.com. And have had a little success with MSN. Though I've got them turned off right now.

We had tried others a few years ago, but only received poor quality traffic. (Low conversions.)

Are you guys having success with any of the other PPC ad systems?

Hi CheifLee,

From my experience with PPC engines, it completely depends on the website in question. Any PPC campaign can be effective but with the prerequisite that the website is optimized for conversion. If you spend some time in Google analytics to set up conversion goals (you may already have these in place) and assign a value to each of those goals, you'll be at a great starting point.

With these in place you'll be able to determine your website's overall conversion ratio and the average value per visitor.

Say for example we discover every 2 out of 100 visitors completed a conversion and that each conversion is worth $50 in profit (The profit completely depends on what you're selling and how it's measured). We can deduce that for every hundred visitors you'll be getting $100 in profit. We then divide 100 visitors by $100 to get the average value per visitor. In this case it's $1.

Now we can make a good judgement on whether or not we should be using PPC engines at all. For this example we know that if we pay any more than $1.00 per click for a visitor then we're going to be losing money.

At this point, you can hunt down keywords on ANY PPC engine and as long as you're paying less than $1 per click, your return on investment will be positive!

I hope this is helpful. If you have any more questions, please let me know!

Dave Romero