Some or all of the following techniques may be employed to promote your Blog. Blogs need exposure and readers, and having a good readership and good search engine rankings can monetize your web presence. If your Blog rockets in success, you could make your living as a career Blogger.
Following the steps below will help you improve the number of visitors and subscribers to your Blog, as well as boosting your earning potential.


Target your niche: You have to be an expert on something, you need to specialize in one field, and keep abreast of happenings in the world of that niche; this is your professional duty as a `Blogger proper'. If you do this, other Bloggers are more likely to link to you, resulting in desired cross promotion.


Build a relevant network for your Blog. Network with other Bloggers in your niche area. Post comments on their Blogs, and add relevant Blogs to your Blogroll to increase the chances of a reciprocal link.

Get "The Scoop"

Getting "The Scoop" is getting and publishing the news first! This means that you are likely to be cited when others later Blog about the same event, as well as by other news channels.


Without this, content your Blog will sink like a Zeppelin made of lead. Articles should target your chosen niche. If you are a poor content writer you have the option of buying articles or using a "ghost writer". You might find it useful to target your content / articles to use long tail keywords [1] to drive more traffic to your Blog (try Hittail [2] if you want to find popular long-tail keywords for your site/Blog).


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Commenting on Other Blog. Social Networking.

A very nice guideline. The key is cross linking with related blogs that you have associated with in the past. Form a community and word will spread.

The keys to promoting a website involve quality articles, incoming links and social networking sites like digg. These have really helped me promote my sites.

The best way to pramote your blog you should be a powerfull Digger....

You will not able to control the traffic....
it can reach up to 1,00,000 in a day......

Very informative article. Thanks for sharing the information.

Nice sharing, what i want to add is that you'd better choose a good keywords, and do some social bookmarking.

i think blog promotion just like site promotion, you can submit it to bookmark sites,directory sites,rss feed site,and when your blog has indexed by google, you can submit it to article directory.

Thanks for sharing such a nice article.

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