Meta tags are important for Search Engines results. Especially Google. You have to make sure that the keywords also appear in your article for optimial results.

I'd have to say, if someone actually did a competitive analysis and relied on meta keyword tags to bid on ppc terms, then it obviously isn't a professional who's doing the analysis. It's an interesting theory, but only a real novice or inexperienced marketer who simply grab keywords from a competitors website to use. It is useful to examine a competitors website all around, and yes look at meta tags, but even if you did have really good optimization with valuable terms in your meta tags, it's not going to be easy for your competitor to utilize them especially in SEO.

I also find that using long tail keywords has helped me with driving niche traffic to my site. Mostly to my Clothing and Equipment site.

Hi Friends....There are many SEO Techniques that can make your Web site to rank higher.The On page and Off page parameters of a web site will have more and more importance in bringing visitors to your site.The best Technique that worked for me is SBM and Blogs.The web 2.0 properties are also really works...Thank you

There are many posts about this one, I have found my site is messed up in terms of rankings if you don't place metas. I always place meta tags and descriptions in my sites to let the search engines know what are the contents.

In addition, the articles and the actual contents should follow the SEO rule in terms of keyword density and the target phrases.

i still put keywords tag on my site,
although it is not as important as before,
but i believe some how its still useful.

Hi John...You are Perfect, keeping meta tags in our site will be a experts choice to keep our web site to index in top positions of search engines.There are so many SEO performance tips..Would you like to here to help you..Thank you..

This is where backlinks work. Search engine algorithms hence try to bring equality and rule out the possibility of keyword stealing by making it a point that though 100 people might have keywords, but the one which satisfies many other criterias, that is the one that succeeds.

i am appreciate your thought buddy but from my side i think that why visitor is worried about Page Rank..?

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common keyword in the title, meta tags, title of the post and the article body will affect to serp

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