I have been teaching myself SEO lately and need a little guidance. I am learning CSS, but how does it effect the sites position on Google?
Also does someone have some tutorials for site construction that make it optimized for search engines, specifically Google?
What is the best size for a site to be to get the best search engine positions, I have heard under 15k and 50-60k but I wanted some other opinions. Thanks for the feedback!

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google is different than any of the other search engine. It rankings mainly have to do with how many sites you are linked too. Not much else.


Personally I believe that CSS can only help your SE rankings, but I wouldnt expect too much (or anything actually) :mrgreen: . Why? It makes your html cleaner, easier to index, smaller, and faster to load.

yes, it will will help in all of the search engines,except google which it won't hurt , but will not give him a better ranking.


Alright thanks! If anyone has tutorials for more advanced CSS please let me know. What exactly is the <div> or <div id> function? does that just assign a class to a group (of links, etc.)? Also if someone has a tutorial using CSS with HTML tables or the <Span> tag please let me know. Thanks again!

N/m I figured it out, except the <span> tag but that is next on my list. :) Thanks for the feedback though!

CSS is very useful for SEO. The engines place high priority on H1 and H2 text/keywords. Without using CSS, the tags most likely will not fit the look and scheme of your pages. Use CSS to alter the look of the tags to your liking.

The <div> tag is used as a wrapper around paragraphs. For example,

<div class="paragraph1">This is paragraph one</div>
<div class="paragraph2">This is paragraph two</div>

Then, you can customize each paragraph / text box to place it somewhere on the page, add a border, etc. Span tags work similar to div tags only they are meant to just highlight a particular word or phrase within a paragraph of text. For example

<div class="textbox">This <span class="emphasized">textbox</span> is a good demonstration.</div>
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