Do you think it's better to link to your links/rsources somewhere on every page of your site? Or just off of the homepage?

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just home page make sure you have a link to the homepage, it acoplishise two things puts it in one place and then makes people go to the homepage to see update info ,.. more managable...

Ahh, I'm sorry, I think I misworded my question. What I mean is suppose you have a links.html page or a links directory of some sort to help generate backlinks and help your placement in Google aka PR.

Should you put a link off of your homepage to your links page only. Or do what I have done here (at least, for now) and link to your links directory on all of the site pages?

I think just the main page. And get an automated link generation script so linking becomes automatic.


It has been awhile and I found that linking from the footer of every page has been very beneficial. All of my link pages currently have a PR5, which they never would have had if the link was only from the homepage. Not only that, but it is a great selling point finding new link partners to say that they are accessible from every page of the footer.

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