Do you think that SandBox exists? What will happen if the site is put or placed into SandBox? Thanks for your reply!

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It seems of late Google has been withholding high ranking ability of newly launched websites for 2-4 months. The penalty is applicable to new sites only and doesn't affect domains that are 4 or more months old and have good backlinks. The sandbox effect also doesn't affect new pages on long standing websites.

After the newly launched websites prove their worthiness by developing good back links and spend some time on the web they are given a weight and eventually the sandbox effect goes away.

Yes, sandbox exist.If website put in sandbox then your search terms have been lost.After getting penalized you need to take analysis of your website and know the reason.Get maximum back links to come out from sandbox.

If a new website having a PPC campaign or adwords campaign will be in Sandbox.Since, These methods are used for quick SERP rankings whether they can manage to get rankings.

The sandbox is a set of conditions that are used when creating an applet that prevents certain functions when the applet is sent as one part of a Web page. When a browser requests a Web page with applets, the applets are sent automatically and can be executed as soon as the page arrives in the browser. If the applet is allowed unlimited access to memory and operating system resources, it can do harm in the hands of someone with malicious intent. The sandbox creates an environment in which there are strict limitations on what system resources the applet can request or access.

SandBox can really be a boon instead of a bane if you know how to utilize the period of dormancy to optimize your site for better ranking when it comes out of the slumber.

Right, SandBox is there for untrusted sites in Google's eyes, often new sites and unnaturally backlinked sites. You need to keep your sites up to date and increase backlinks from decent sources in a constant pace, especially from niche relative authority sources.

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It is a process about a filter that Google applies, according to which the new domains are filtered to prevent them from reaching top positions by keywords. When A new site indexed then google crawler check that how well optimized that site, it is relevant or not and it should not be spam, etc.

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