After submitting new articles to directories and new pages to Social bookmarking sites, my new web pages got indexed on the 3rd or 4rd page on Google after 1 or 2 months. But I never found these pages on Yahoo.

I think because I don't pay for Yahoo to be included in their search engine.

Do we really have to pay to be included in Yahoo search engine?


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I don't agree with you that it's difficult to get rank in Yahoo,you can get rank there but for this you must concentrate more on on-site optimization & use all Yahoo services to get link.

You don't have to pay to get into Yahoo. Yahoo will typically send you less traffic than Google because the Yahoo search engine receives less traffic than Google, so there are fewer people to send. However, if you're not receiving a single visitor, then you may be blacklisted or just don't have what the Yahoo algorithm is looking for in terms of unique content, backlinks, etc.

In my own experiences, you would only need to pay Yahoo when you want your sites to be included in their directory or if you want to perform PPC on Yahoo marketplace. Yahoo and Google would have different algorithm in indexing and ranking pages. I think submitting sitemap to Yahoo webmaster center and building back links for niche relative sources would be both helpful for this purpose.

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Ah yes, I forgot there even was a Yahoo webmaster central place.

You don't have to pay, Just do optimization and you will get rank on yahoo.

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