Hello All,
There is a company out there that is claiming to get a client of mine in the top of the local listings...Guaranteed for $500.00. They have convinced my client they are affiliated with google and he is ready to jump ship as I cannot make that claim.

Can anyone shed light on this claim they're making. Thank you all in advance.

Simply discard these types of requests, they may have affiliates sites in which they will place your site to increase the domain visibility, but still it may be risky as some of the sites may be already penalized by google

Ask them for details on how they do it.

The "affiliation" maybe that they pay for advertising, which is guaranteed top of listing, until they stop paying.

As they state "local" it could be that they create a Google Places entry. I believe in the US you can also advertise with this and do guarantees, while you are paying.

Some good questions maybe:

  • Is this the top of the organic listing? (as in not adverts)
  • Are you talking about a Google Places entry with advertising?
  • Can we chose the search phrases you will guarantee?
  • How long will the guarantee last. days, weeks, years?

If they are jumping ship for $500 (one off?), you can't be making much from them yourself. maybe let them try and see, they may appreciate you more after.

Or, prompt them with those questions. they will appreciate you if you save them from wasting money.

Thanks for information. I will contact you as soon as possible.

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