I understand that you should only set up link exchanges with websites that have a pagerank equal or higher than your own site.
I have received a request from a site with a high pagerank but the page where they would be placing the link to my site does not have a pagerank. Does this matter, or does Google just consider the overall rank of the website when deciding the quality of the link?

This is often a trick. The high page rank site may be on its last legs and they are milking it.

Do some research on the website. whois, wayback and see if it has recently changed.


I think you would mainly receive the PR juice from the page your links on. So, it might be no value for such an exchange, IMO.

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I completely agree. Not sure why people here are complaining about pagerank where it should be about rankings.

Follow the logic(? or not) of the OP

  • Only accept links from sites higher than yours
  • do not link to sites lower than yours

If the premise were valid
Nobody that you want a link from would link to you
Nobody that wants to link to you would be accepted by you.
Pagerank offered as evidence of the value of a site have nothing to do with Google pagerank algorithm, Total BS, without value

Google page rank algorithm is about the best kept secret on the planet.

We also analyze the content of neighboring web pages to ensure the results returned are the most relevant to a user's query.

Ignore the BS, take the link

1 link is better than no link, wherever it comes from

dude it doesnt matter whats your page rank is :)
if you have done the right seo than your site will definetly be at the first page first rank with 0 page rank :)
so in my opinion page rank just tell you how much it contains traffic per day,, it doesnt deal with the ranking on the google..
but high page rank means high value :) it also suggest that your site is not new and its informative thats why people are coming on it daily :)

Thanks everyone for your replies - great advice and information as always.

Remember the Search algorithms are smart. obvious link exchanges are worse than ignored, they downgrade the site.
Relevant link exchange is the key thing, from sites related similar local

The best trick is only link to a site that has relevant subject matter to your own.

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