I read that "ebay" is one of the SEO "no-no" words.
I use it to build customer confidence on a shopping site.

I never heard that before. I highly doubt it. What you probably heard and misinterpreted was that having a link from eBay to your site will not benefit your site any. For example, nearly every eBay auction links to an external site for some reason or another, and so the weight of all of these external links is devalued because they certainly can't be considered as a "vote" for these sites from eBay.com, itself.

You can't link to an outside site from the item listings except from your About ME page...

If cought they can freeze your store or worse cancle your item listings...:(

Oh, I never knew that. I'm not an eBay seller.

I am reasonably confident that a link from eBay will not give you any PR or anchor text benefit on the major engines.

oh how i hate ebay...its all about the money for them now....im a former ebay member and im pretty sure i wont go back

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