Can you list some easy and quick ways to get backlinks from edu and gov sites.
Also how do you find such .edu and .gov sites where its available to build link our-self by commenting or profile linking ?

Also share any .edu or .gov sites that you have come across where links can be build.

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First you need to find .edu and .gov blog which are dofollow and auto approve your comments.

How to find such blogs?

Most of edu and gov sites have high pr.

But i don't understand the need. Search engines don't give any importance to .edu and .gov

yes it's true....

I think .edu and .gov website are not get any importance from search engines. Not useful for SEO.

Some of gov and edu website has forum (university website, NGO's website). I thinks joining this forum is the cheapest way to get backlink from this site. However, it should take your time

The easiest way to get back links from .edu and .gov, just do posting of their forum.

how to get .edu and .gov backlinks ?

Actually, .gob and .edu backlinks are quite valuable, since they are usually difficult to obtain.

Forget about forums, you will only end with a link on a profile, that will probably get deleted.

The way to do it is to search for resource pages related to your site. Let's say you offer photography courses. Search for "resources" + "photografy" + .edu, and you will find pages on edu sites that talk about what you offer.
Then create a good resource (article) that could add to that pages, and offer it to all edu sites you can find.

It will take considerably more work to do this, but each link you get will have a lot of value.

It's difficult to get .edu.vn or .gov backlinks now. .edu.vn and .gov is rare meanwhile auto robot spam filters is enabled.

It tuite tough now a days to get a backlink from edu or gov domain..You always had to try to find out some edu or gov forums or blogs where you can comment with your links.Use google to search queries best of luck

Instead to trying to obtain a edu or gov backlink,its better to earn those links naturally.Because its very difficult to get free edu and gov links.

Hi zamurai127,
You dont need to get general edu and gov websites.Its not best way to do white hat SEO.You have to focus on relevants edu and gov websites.I'm sharing with you, how to find relevant .edu and .gov website please follow below points.
1- Go to google
2- Write there site:.edu "keyword" ... site:.edu "keyword"
Futher if you need more help, reply me by this post.
Muhammad Imran SEO Expert

I have bittered experience to getting blog site from in the internet. You will get many list from google searc, but they won't work for you. Better apply search terms and make a list, and check one by one, then mark them by category i.e. dofollow, nofollow etc. This method might save your time.

Is it really that generate backlinks from .edu and .gov is not important and chances to considr as a spam?

Find college courses on the topic of your site, and reach out to the professors to add informative articles and tutorials on your site as a resource for their students.

you can get backlink by article or blog post on possible edu website.

Thanks for sharing some good links for browsing backlinks on .edu domains,While searching combination of intitle+post .edu backlinks also helps too much

Hay @jenniferdavis do not you think that this post is about 3 years old :P

It is very difficult to find education or .org forums where you can build dofollow links' often comments are under moderation and sometiems signatures are not allowed. I think i need to conduct an indept research once again to find such links.

write something about a government or university event or personality

timperiof, your given link is dead.

mike.b thanks for the link. It seems good.

Well, I would just say inorder to get backlinks you need to build backlinks from edu or gov sites like you can start with sba.gov etc... try googling I am sure you will find a number of them available.

You can get numerous .edu and .gov sites list from below. Search the below in Google.

.edu --> <your keyword> site:.edu inurl:blog "post a comment"
.gov --> <your keyword> site:.gov inurl:blog "post a comment"

Some question here, I made many EDU links to my site in the past several years, but most of them dead this year after checking , this is a un steady factor for ranking, somelinks disappeared and you will have to find other similar EDU links and keep doing to remain your ranking, it's really a question to keep searching this resource..

can anyone tell me is there any worth of wiki links in now days

Here’s how to do a search on Google to find .edu and .gov blogs to comment on for high-quality backlinks.

site:.edu inurl:blog comment WordPress
site:.gov inurl:blog comment WordPress

Another way to search for .edu and .gov sites would be the following

blog site:.gov blog site:.edu
suggest url site:.gov suggest url site:.edu
add url site:.gov add url site:.edu

Be niche specific; if your site’s about WordPress, try searching for

WordPress blog site:.edu

Try to getting backlinks from different language sites is helpful, because these websites usually have fewer outbound links, so you get full authority from them

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