Hi Folks,

What is the difference between 301 and 302 redirections.Will it affect our site page rank ? if yes how it affects?

A 301 is a Permanent redirect. It is used to tell browsers or search engines that the page they just got sent to as permanently moved to a new location. Search engines will use this indication to transfer their indexed data from the old page to the new one.

A 302 is a Temporary Redirect. In this case the search engines do not transfer their index data.

A 302 redirect means no PageRank is transferred over the redirect. A 301 redirect means most (but not all) of the PageRank is transferred.

You want to avoid 302 redirects and use 301 redirects as sparingly as possible (like on a website restructure).

If that temporary effect you should be using 302 redirect, else for permanent 301 always good to use

301-redirect is redirect your link to permanently towards index page link and 302-redirect is temporary.

301 is permanent redirect and 302 is temporary redirect and it effects your PR.

Differences between 301 and 302 are of importance to the optimization of search engines. A 301 will keep all of your search rankings of the old location.