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Yea, it's a very tricky update. Some people are reporting less pages indexed on the new BD servers.

I think it's just that they are rolling out the new updates, then they will send out the crawlers when the update is done. Within a couple of months everything should be sorted out.


BigDaddy is happening right now.
There are 3 main things that BigDaddy will address.
1) Canonicalizing URL’s
2) The 302 redirect hijack problem,
3) Reading flash and javascript.

What is “canonicalization? If you have 3 URL’s like: www.example.com, www.example.com/index.html, and www.example.com/default.htm, it will figure out which one to show in the SERP’s.

Basically, the BigDaddy update is not just another update. It is an entire infrastructure change. I've heard it put this way: if an update is like a car's tune-up, then BigDaddy is like replacing the engine.

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