It looks like we went through a Google toolbar PR update yesterday. How did you guys fare? I can't complain. Homepage stayed PR7 and all top level forums and categories went to PR6. Unfortunately, my link directory went down from my second PR7 to PR6 as well.

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Did ok, we moved up a notch.

Do you there is any more value left in gauging sites with PR? I've seen some very horrible looking PR7's and PR8's lately.

I don't think there ever was any "real" value in gauging sites that way ;)

Question: How come I can't edit my posts? I made a typo and wanted to fix it.

You can edit your post for a short time after first posting, but once the time period is up you can't edit them anymore.

Yea Google has been updating for the past couple of weeks now. i noticed a change about a week ago.

Did ok on some of my sites.

I got one pr0 up to pr2 and another pr0 up to pr3.

The changes you are noticing might not be permanent. Your PageRank can go up and down in a moment. We are in the middle of a major update/infrastructure change of Google's called: BigDaddy. What we are all seeing now I call the Google Hurricane. My guess is by the end of this month BigDaddy will be completed. Then your PR will have settled to what Google thinks it should be.

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