On what sources you read the news about SEO, SMO, SMM?
Which sources you can trust? you check this information?

What can you recommend for a beginner and the professional?

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Yes, Every beginner can read seo relared blod articles to know about seo clearly. I think it is the best source of knowing about seo.

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I keep up with SEO by getting e-mails from companies, including HubSpot. I also look at the technology section of Yahoo News; they frequently have articles of interest.


I read the Google blogs, there is official information. Yet like other independent news portals. There are many. I am here Click Here lately like. A lot of interesting things to publish. It is worth noting the detailed events in the SMM, SMO, and their own interviews.
In general, the theory is one thing, but practice is more important. I think so


Thanks for the info. I want to be as updated as all of you are, hope there will still be more posts for this topic, really helpful.

I read blogs to learn new things about SEO, but I find these blogs lacking, because they all seem to sound "experts" when they all just try to repeat and copy the ideas of other bloggers. I can't agree more with Dani that "you can never trust everything that you read online, especially from UGC-based sites! However, there are a lot of really smart people on some of these forums and sometimes those diamonds in the rough are the most valuable."

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