In how many sites,i can post a single article?

If i share the article's link on social networking site, will it be useful?

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you can post on high pr articles sites,approved articles links post on social network sites ,its very useful to site, improve your Alex rank

Articles provide quality backlinks for website. So if your article is unique and you want to share it on Internet then try to submit it in high pr and dofollow sites, so you will get both link juice as well as traffic.

Try to post your article in high PR sites. High PR sites only help to increase the visitors & promote of your websites. here Do follow article only help to get the backlinks. the main thing you article content should be in quality.

buy a tool called article marketing robot,spin your article and blast it to 1000s of directories. it should help you a lot in ranking your keywords in google.

don't submit a single article in too many directory. write a unique article daily basis and spin them and submit all in directories.

to get the best benefit of your article submission you need to find out the article directory's those who give the do follow back link with high PR website. It's beneficial to use keyword anchor text link in the article and have a good author bio in the article. And you must post a unique article on all website rather then the same article to multiple website.

Good quality content and do follow site will always help to bring traffic and pr. Approved links you can put them on social networking sites.

commented: i agree with her and its what they want +1

Go for quality instead of quantity. Useful content attracts attention, and that should be your main focus. Spinning is attractive yes, and it can work under the right circumstances, but I find that providing good content is a better way of getting your desired traffic.

Unique content
Articles 400-500 words

always spin your articles before you submit them anywhere.
remember for the most part you are submitting you articles to article directories for traffic and to blog submission services for seo purposes,
I wouldnt submit articles using submission software tho, but that might just be me because i am paranoid.

hope this helps :)

You can post single article to maximum 10 sites. Use of the wordpress sites to submit your articles becuase they are instant approval and dofollow sites. Also, keep in mind that while submitting article, keep the content unique and flesh.

i submit a single article in max five article directory.

Yes you can share approved article links to social websites as its really helps you to increase your website rankings and visitors as well.

Article submission is the very tremendous strategy for getting back links as well as attracting traffic to your site. All you need is to post your article on some High PR sites like.

The content of your article should not be too long, so keep it short. If you have great content of the article, then try to divide into two or more separate articles.Writing good articles is also considered important. The content and relevance of each item has a major influence in its promotion.

do submit high PR article website using unique content.from anchor text your keyword will improve.

you can post your approved articles hi pr social networking website like twitter, facebook, linkdin, myspace, its very useful to site, improve your website traffic rank,

If your content is good ,attractive and short but descriptive you will get a lot of visitors at the same time you get a backlink too.Submit your Articles in higher PR sites the backlink obtained is considered as quality backlink.

One of the most important thing is the content of article. It should be unique and not copied from other side. Secondly you should write more than 400 word article. It will give you best result.

If your artical is unique and written by you then you can submit it to many articals directories you want

I think if you submit relevant content in your article. Avoid to submit duplicate content. Remember article submission is not a copy-paste process of marketing. If you want more and more benefits from article submission, definitely you should need to focused on these things.

To get full benefit of artical submission the try to submit these to only good High PR artical directories

To get the best benefit of article submission the first thing which need to take care is that you need to use the unique content in your article and only need to submit it to the website with high PR and which allow do-follow back link. The main thing you are not supposed to submit one article to multiple website with same content. But you can spin your article and submit these article to multiple website.

post a unique article after spinning them it will help you to get good result in ranking.

Hi, yes you can post your article to High Pr article submission sites. High Pr sites can bring approvals and can help you to build quality links and yes you can also share your link in social media sites which can help you generate traffic.

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