Directories play a vital role in SEO in improving business online....

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Yes, directories are important, but only as a PART of your off-page SEO. You need to do other things, too, such as social media marketing, blog posting, article marketing, and other things.

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Directiory submission, apart of SEO is done to increase the PR of a site. Its mainly done to target the keyword.

Directory submission is part of SEO is the best way to increase page rank and website visibility and traffic.

Directies helps to get one way backlinks so try to submitted in the high pr & quality directories

I agree. Posting your website link to different directories is an excellent way to build your web page and improve serps. There are many internet directories out there, ranging from the general to the specific, each with their own weblink distribution processes. Prepare key phrase-rich text that perfectly explains your website to publish to the internet directories. Select the right category for your website before submitting.

Yes directories are good but only if you get links from good quality directories.

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I think it's alot of work and research. It's worth it.

Directory submissions often form the basis of a link building campaign, and they are also an important part of developing a natural backlink profile.