Is Google updates killing SEO Industry or giving opportunity to SEO industry to be more mature and explore improvement areas?

Yes after Google upadate everyone saying seo dead but its not like that,you hvae to focus on Google Guide lines and can get a chance to grow.i think we should take this in postive way and move ahead by following all the update guidelines.It not like that all the site's rank get down but there is increment in rank of sites who followed all the guidelines of google.So take it as an opportunity and do seo in correct manner..:)

SEO is becoming more difficult nowadyas with the latest updates of Google.Only naturl linking is exceptabale for the link building.

I beleive google updates are just making seo more and more streamlined and spamfree. Now it's matter of quality instead of quantity

I agree, Google now want to concentrate on Quality rather then of quality, I want to lern more about Google updates, Some one help me in this?

Yes, Google day by day update and making Seo difficult.

Google updates will not kill seo industry. SEO is ongoing process and will never end, Google is updating now days to make search user friendly simply google wants that user get accurate and proper information for what they search.

Google saying via his all updates to do quality things except spamming, bulk submission and other black hat techniques to up the ranking of website. Google recently made lots of changes in its search setting to provide user what they actually want!

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