I have a website dotdezine.com & my website keywords rank position on Google is abruptly falling down.

My website primary keywords are as follows:
1. Web Development Company in Pakistan
2. Pakistan Web Hosting Company
3. SEO Pakistan

The above 3 keywords are my primary, previous month my website is up, but now is going down...

I lost most of the visitors coming from google.com

I can't understand why my site is falling and what's the possible reasons.

Please help me.

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It happens. Your ranking for particular keywords in Google is never a sure fire thing. Keywords get more competitive as time goes on. Be sure to constantly work on your backlinks, and always follow the best on-page SEO practices.


I am from India. Just did a search in google.com from my PC.

Web Development Company in Pakistan - About 19,200,000 results
Pakistan Web Hosting Company - About 9,650,000 results
SEO Pakistan - About 2,580,000 results

Did your site was in first page in google.com for all the three keywords ?
How long your site is up and running ?
How actively you update and optimize your content on site ?
Are you maintaining keyword relevancy, keyword density and relevancy of your anchor texts to titles to keywords to content ?
How often you build links and how much percent of those links are from high quality in content anchor text links ?
How often you maintain your Blog and how many readers ?
How your site is linked with social media ?

If you have detailed answers to these questions, probhably you already know the answers for your own question.

Good luck !


Your answer was wonderful. Answering those questions leads us to our major problem on why we are going down on our SERPs. But when every answers are positive, what can be the cause of failing? It might be that you are not competing enough and your backlinks are not strong enough.


Thanks for your words. And I agree with you. When every answer is positive, there is only one cause "The competition is high and the webmaster of the site is not competing enough and your backlinks are not strong enough"

Google doesn't give more priority to on-page optimization.so you pls concentrate on link building technique.

Things are changed a lot. stick with panda survival methods

Well you dont have to keep focusing on home page, one has to promote internal pages as well and your ranked might dropped because of some irrelevant linking so try to get back links for high PR sites.

I have also the same problem.
I was doing SEO for one of my site LINK DELETED for following keywords
Currency options
Forex options
Binary option

All these keyword ranking was in top 10 since 3 month but about 15 days before suddenly fall down and till now could not recover.I have analysed lot but could not get the actual reason
So kindly suggest me some thing to recover the original ranking

I have also a site SPAM DELETED that I do SEO which was affected by recent google algo update, I think not just mine but there many websites. I wonder if it is still recommended to do an SEO to a site now.

First things first, SEO niche is rather specific. It's highly competitive. It's over-crowded. It's the niche where quality, standing out and exceptional user experience is the solution.

You should show both Google and your users that you have "that something extra" in your content to choose your site from the pool of other seo services sites.

Show you're active socially. Show there are real people behind your project.

Providing web development? Take a harder look at your own website from the point of view of its design and user experience - that's what people will judge your services by.

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