hello i made a website called http://www.searchswamp.com and what im wondering is how should i describe the page this is my first website so im new to this. my description is poor and i have no idea what my webpage should be described as but i think its some kind of a directory but dont now, could anyone give me clues how to describe each page, im not a good writer when it comes to explain stuff like webpages so any help will be nice. i use iframes to load the subcategories with search engines and i need to describe those sides to, so im just wondering if i would describe it as "list of what is listed" or anyone could help me a litle bit.

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I'd consider it a limited multi-search engine. Neat idea.

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nice website, keep working

thank you very much, now i just need to be pointed in the right direction on how to describe it, i never been good in descibing things on what to include and what not to. but thank you for your reply.

I'd consider it a limited multi-search engine. Neat idea.

Good.. Nice idea of combining various search engines at one place.
I have gone through your sites and I think there are only 3 pages i.e home, about us and contact us, out of which at your home page there is no space for any description and on contact us page you have added a form again which needs no description and left only about us page on that page you have a nice consice description but check out for the spelling errors and be more descriptive like "one place for your different queries where you can search for queries on multiple search engines. Here's the way how you can search your queries by just selecting the category:" then write the 1 or 2 steps.

Thanks for sharing a useful information.

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Thanks for sharing, This is very useful information.

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im gonna check out the spelling errors then and try describe it a litle beter andthank you for the information. and could i like describe buildings ctegory with"A list with several buildings to browse thru, click 1 to copy that into 6 popular search engines?"

searchswamp.com The one place where you can search
for multiple queries on the internet by just
selecting a category and click a subcategory
to copy that query into 6 different search engines.
Please check out the contact page if you feel anything
should be changed or if you have any question at all. will this work as a description then or should i add something more

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