My question is...How do you do it????

Will I make money when my traffic improves?

I have tried to place the ads according to the gurus and google, however I think I need a fair bit more traffic to get things really going...

I am creating unique content so I get picked up by the search engines, creating links out there, and all the usual stuff...

Can someone just tell me if I get more traffic, will I make more money with google??

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yes, you seem to be doing the right stuff so fa so you will make money if your traffic imporves.

the best person to ask would probably be Dani, ill see if she can take a look

build a site and let it run... either start another or add some more content for more pages to appear in the SERPs

I have got 4 sites on the go, but all kind of new at the moment.. Getting there slowly.. The main one needs alot of work trying to tidy it up...

Then I should make some money with adsense... I am not greedy, but would just like the sites to support themselves.

Just letting you know that my traffic did increase and so did my adsense.. not a great deal but an obvious increase.

Watch out for adsense

The amount of times they close accounts due to what they call "click robot software" being used is unbelievable. I got my account closed because they said I was generating clicks in this way, not because I had put the time and effort in to generate traffic to the site :ooh:

Be aware of this, however there is nothing you can do if they do close your account. I contested it and got nowhere.

Bloody Google!


Yes I have heard of this happening. This is why you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. I am also trying affiliate stuff and some other ideas.
I also believe that if you just keep building your site, the bigger it gets, the more valuable it becomes.

My question is...How do you do it????

Will I make money when my traffic improves?

There is no gurantee, there is something called smart pricing, if your website gets smart priced, you may make 1 cent per click, now you may be making 10 cents per click.

make it while you can and work towards improving content... and adding content.... solid well written content that is the right niche or a topic you would like to talk about anyway is a goal

Not that much, but I am going to do something about it. I need to run some programs to earn cash from adsense. So currently, I am earning just about $60 per month :(


Alley, please read the google adsene TOS before ;)

What kind of programs are you going to run?

Also looked at your site..very nice!

Actually I am still new to these SEO thing. Is SEO different in Wordpress or Blogger? Or is it same way to do it in both platform?..

My earnings are slowly improving every week! I will be very happy if they continue at this rate.

I am also interested with adsense.. what are the tips to earn big? what programs do we need to run in order to earn cash. Do we need to put more blogs or written articles to have a high rank? I need help on this. Please give me advice. Thank you!

The more content I have, the more traffic I get and the more money I make. I wish I could make 100 pages a day.. The most I have done is about 7...

Yes my earnings have crawled up slowly from $10 a month to 20 40 and 70 and still going....It seemed like forever waiting for the first payment... But I can see that anything is possible!!!!

The more content I have, the more traffic I get and the more money I make. I wish I could make 100 pages a day.. The most I have done is about 7...

Work on quality of content, not quantity of pages...

commented: this is the golden rule :) +0

Yes,i do.i make at least $200 MONTHLY From the adsense program but it depands on traffic.the more the traffic to your site,the more the clicks and you get have to either go for paid advertiding or advertise it yourself.

Unless you have a great niche forum, its not the easiest
to make a full time income from Adsense, probably enuf
for a starbucks latte though... :)

A latte a day keeps the doctor away!
I am able to have a few lattes now and I am very happy with the bonus!

I started this thread a few months ago and now I can probably answer my own question.. Can you make money with Google adsense?
Thanks to everyone's advice on this forum, my payouts have increased along the same pattern.
I am so excited because it feels like free money that just turns up every month!!!
It did take alot of time and effort to get it to work though.

Will I make money when my traffic improves?

Yeah, traffic is the key to earn money in adsense.

I am having minimal success with Google Adsense on my website. Where I am making some money is using a commission based service call Commission Junction. If you have a website that is based around a community with distinct needs, you might be able to find some companies willing to pay you a commission for sales you bring them.

just my 2 cents.

First to do is you have to gather traffic. Traffic is major factor to earn money through adsense.

I have got a few banners and links from CJ but it depends what you are good at. I have concentrated on adsense and tried to perfect it. Once you get the adsense ball rolling it gets bigger and bigger!!!! Soon, when I think I have gone as far as I can with adsense, I will start on the affiliate banners etc..

In adsense, you have to be equipped with patience. Definitely your site won't give you much income if it's newly launched. You will promote it first in order to gain traffic. As the traffic started to come, then your income also will started to grow.

You must have a good website to attract people in the first place.. When your website is on a particular subject you need to cover every bit of that subject. That way they know they will find the information they want on your website.

Unique and interesting content is also important in our site to attract visitors.

i think you can go in for link exchanges. they bring traffic to your site. also your ranking is improved once people start coming in. the more the traffic the more money you will get.

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