What is the use of trackback url in Social bookmarking?

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As per my knowledge social bookmarking trackback URL is the simple way to reach our website in case of not opening the main URL. Track Back URL is different than the regular permanent link URL.


Sorry morganlong, but that's not correct :(

It's often beneficial to know all of the different places on the web where a particular article is being referenced. For example, suppose you read an article in the New York Times online. It might be interesting to easily find all of the other articles on the web that are quoting that NYT article. This is accomplished through linkbacks.

Trackbacks are a type of linkback. News Site #1 provides a trackback URL for each article that it publishes. When News Site #2 writes an article that references the News Site #1 article, they ping the trackback URL for News Site #1, to alert them that they are linking to / mentioning / quoting the article.

Thank you Dani for giving me correct knowledge .
Now I get the real meaning. It is my fault and I apologize for that.

Is track back URL is count spam according to pengiun or not?

Track back URLs have nothing to do with the Penguin algorithm. They simply help article authors keep track of where there are backlinks to their articles, as Smith Jones pointed out. They aren't actually a form of backlinks themselves.

@dani why we mention trackurl ? i mean is it part of seo or you just refer to that site.

It seems new tehcnique to me, your information gave me clear idea regrading that track back url. I bookmarked

A Trackback is simply an acknowledgment. This acknowledgment is sent via a network signal (ping) from Site A (originator) to Site B (receptor). The receptor often publishes a link back to the originator indicating its worthiness.

Trackback requires both, Site A and Site B to be Trackback enabled in order to establish this communication. Trackback does not require for Site A to phisically link to Site B.

I am very tahnksful to dani for making me aware with the meaning of the track back ulr , I have never noticed of that term .

This is not harful with the SEO point of view this is simply thr trtack for a person who want to know at any stage from where he start to walke and now where he is

track back url are a kind of interlinking which reffers to related articles or post with differnt links..!!

Agreed with dani .. I though it was the lIVE Url of your Social Bookmarking Submission but you made it farily clear..

trackback is just to let you know the post or link you're following, I think :).

As I know, In social bookmarking trackback url is the technique to make our sites in case of not starting the major url. This url is dissimilar than the normal stable url. Using trackback, you can routinely notify a further blog about your new entry and a link to your entry will appear in that blog's list of trackback pings.

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