My Google Webmaster Tools is warning me regarding Unnatural Links (I have 400 or so inbound links in total, and I don't know which links are coming from bad websites and which aren't) and I wish to remove them immediately. I need help with the following:

  1. Need to identify which of the links are coming from website google/bing/yahoo don't like (I don't want to remove good links, that would make no sense, won't you agree?)
  2. How can I actually remove them, since I wasn't the one who linked it initially ?
  3. Is it even remotely possible to find out who may have created such links to my website? Or, at least the dates on which these links were created?

If I may be pointed to the right TOOLS (hopefully FREE ones, but paid ones are fine too) to get these tasks done, that would also be great help.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Wow, I'm actually impressed that Google assists webmasters now by telling them that they may/are being penalized for unnatural backlinks. Is that something new? As far as I can remember, it was up to the webmaster to take a guess why their traffic was decreasing.

Because I'm completely clueless as to what you're referring to, can you explain a little further? Does it just have a notice saying there are unnatural links with no further information or does it go into more detail? It doesn't give you any clues as to what to remove?

Google Webmaster Tools gives you a good sampling of the sites that link to you under Traffic-->Links to Your Site. You can download the entire report into an Excel spreadsheet. You're going to have to go through them and see which ones look spammy, are "bad neighborhoods", have too many links on the page, have lots of unrelated links on the page, are pages unrelated to your content, etc. Anything that would be "unnatural".

Unnatural backlinks can also mean that you're building backlinks just way too fast ... at a speed that is not consistent with your site's growth, and is "unnatural".

Google webmaster is boon for webmasters it tells about the 404 error, HTML error, duplicate page, title and meta description. We can set geotargeting and remove unwanted pages from google data base and many more.

Frankly I think it's INSANE to spend time and energy deleting backlinks - especially if you don't even know IF they are the cause of any penalties. Many links can't and won't be removed even if you tried or asked. Some of the links you suspect (or even paid for) may even be HELPING you to rank well in Bing, Yahoo and elsewhere for all you know.

There's 1001 sources of free site traffic besides Google Organic Search. Trying to change the past is a fool's errand. Just move forward building fewer, but higher quality links. Improve your existing content and write better new content to attract the sorts of visitors that will build links naturally - FOR YOU.

One thing I think it's important to understand is that Google doesn't really CARE if your site doesn't rank well. Getting onto Page 1 is increasingly ONLY reserved for the most trusted and aged sites. It's simply an ever-shrinking noose that fewer and fewer websites will qualify to be part of.

I've been hit hard by Panda - then Penguin updates. But it doesn't matter. I'm building a sucessful business model that doesn't NEED Google to keep my face fed. Live in the moment. Life's too short to spend it living - and working to 'please' Google. Build websites for PEOPLE and yourself - not an algorithm you can't control.

Hello People, Google has mailed me for the unnatural links and after checking the links I know that some of the links are really bad ones. But tell me how can I remove the bad links because these links are not under my control. And I have one more problem plese check my other one post; that is about the SEO techniques and I have no answer till now. Please help me.

Dani you have really given very nice information. with the help of this information i can too remove bad link from my web site too.

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