Profile linking is one of the ways by which you can link back to your site. It involves adding your website URLs to the personal, professional, or business profiles that you create on various websites. You can sign up as a user or member on forums, social media sites, and other kinds of membership sites. Many such sites allow you to include your website URL on your profile, as well as insert links into your signature, comments, or updates

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Profile linking is one of the method in Off-page technique. By this we can edit signatures in forums with the help of we can put our keywords with anchor text tags. Which gives more traffic to your website.


Profile linking means getting links form the social media sites which offers you to create a free profile on that social media site and you can put your site url to the page which is shown on your page of your account profile.


Profile links is to build some good social profile with you site url to make backlink on those site. this is one of the off page seo technique. and it can be better if you make some unique profile link on the regular basis.

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