Do-follow blogs on the other hand do not use the “no-follow” attribute in their links. This allows search engines to index the links in comments and pass page rank accordingly. As a result, commenting on these blogs offers improved SEO benefits.

Blogs are great source for the driving a traffic on your site , do follow blogs are more important blogs which gives you do follow link and the no follow blogs are also good for driving a traffic on your site . So use all the blogs to commetnt on weater they are do follow and no follow blogs .

Yes, do follow blogs are the best way to get more traffic on your website and to increase the demand of selling a business or buying a business easily. Do follow blogs give the quality backlinks and pr value as well for your website, if we post a comment on the do follow blog.

Not only dofollow blogs are imnportant because nofollow blog also helpful to drive relevant traffic just thing is that its do not pass link juice. If you want to traffic then nofollow blog are also better thing.

Yes, the do-follow blogs give more traffic to our website. Really blog commenting are so effective tactic in SEO. By this you can get Quality backlinks.

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