Hi dear member, Please tell the step by step tips for creating a blog any website.

if you want to create blog on blogger you can simpley get register yourself on gmail. after getting register on gmail you can click on blogger, select your domain and category. and after that start posting your article share your view and get comments on that.

very nice advice..thank you..so..much..

Step Of Create a Blog:

  1. Google Blogger Account
  2. Create Profile
  3. Create New blog
  4. Create Title
  5. Create URL Address
  6. Click Create a Blog.

Web 2.0 weblog is good for blogging with unique information.

You can buy domain for blogging and also you can use free web 2.0 website with subdomain blog.

The important part of any post is title. If your title is unique then you will be a good blogger with your writting ability.


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