I am working on a website and that site is dancing on the Google pages for last 2 months. I have targeted 8 keywords for that site. 3 on page two, 3 on 4th page and 2 are on page 18th. All the keywords have a local suffix (It is a website for a local hotel). I am not able to change anything on-page. I can work off-page only for that site.
So the question is what should I do for stabilizing that site's ranking on any Google page.

Hi, To Stay a site on a fixed positon is typical. The Website changes its ranking due to many reasons. One of them is that the updation of google. Do Regular Work for your website. If the ranking is flactuating very much then stop working for some time and focus on Article Submission Bookmarking, Forum Posting and Press Release. It will Helps you.

Thanks for your responce Elvina, I am currently working on article submissions and the bookmarking of the articles. Thanks again.

Well do not worry about the PR and SEPR changes as there are many reasons behind this some time google start dance with your site and its change your SEPR some time updates roll back your PR but after a day or 2 they turn back so care for organic traffic not SEPR and PR.

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