I want to know about about seo basics..

1.What black hat and white hat seo..which one should be used for a website?
2.Article submission
3.Directory submission
4.press release submission
6.XML sitemap creation
7.Business directory submission??

Thanks in advance

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Absolutely you should white hat for good SEO as it gives good web traffice and do your next steps all manually and be done.

  1. White hat seo is what is endorsed by Google. Black hat seo is when you use tricky tactics to fool google into ranking higher.
  2. It's good to get quality backlinks from quality articles.
  3. I don't think that directories do much nowadays.
  4. It's good to promote your company, brand and website through press releases. The backlinks don't hurt either.
  5. You can use robots.txt to steer Googlebot away from sections of your site you don't want them to crawl
  6. A sitemap is a good way of giving Google an overall picture of all the important pages on your site
  7. I don't put faith in directories, but niche B2B directories might be another story.

Hi thanks for your reply..
Can i know about these topics,
1.how to implement robot.txt
2.how to create XML sitemap
3.Should i charge the client for submissions like directory,social bookmark,article,forum,blog submissions..how to do these submissions and where to find them like for free or i should pay for those submissions
please can you tell me in detail

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