Hello Experts

Have heard that, Google is preparing for Google Zebra update, to refine social media market? How far is it true? Any ideas ?

I heard it for the first time. I will see the searches related to Google Zebra.

Yeah thats also seems new to me and I would rather google it.

Maybe its true..... Because panda and penguine color is black&white and zebra colors too.

Zebra update affect negative 10 websites of my customers especially my website also.

May be its coming, the strikes of Panda and Penguin, the online world has been waiting for the release of the next black and white monster Zebra Update.

Google zebra is rumor. It is not professional update.

what the hell? now google is going to hit social media too,but may be it's a rumour

Google zebra update is to bring down the low quality e-commerce sites

If anything, I think Google would be trying to find a way to make social media a stronger signal in the algorithm (something they've been struggling to do for a few years now), as opposed to give sites a beating for it.

"The Google “Zebra” update is both rumor and an SEO inside-joke. As of today, there is no Google Zebra update. The myth arose after comments Matt Cutts made at a conference regarding merchant quality. It was dubbed “Zebra” because Google seemed to favor black and white animal names for their algorithm updates aka “Panda” and “Penguin” (the recent Hummingbird, not withstanding!)."

Click Here For An Article from SEJ on this

Thanks for the info ...I have heard about panda and penguin..nice to know about zebra

People started naming google updates. This is just an example. There is nothing like Zebra update. Google officially confirms Panda and Penguin updates.

I heard it for the first time. As long as you follow ethical SEO, no need to get fear about algo change.

Google zebra update is not yet officially announced. So no need to worry about that.