sorry frnds i have no idea about this.but answers given by you is really very good.

go for on page and off page seo optimisation every kind of seo activities in a very appropriate way that will led to promote your website through seo techniques

In my opinion, SEO is the new snake oil. Many people promise many things with little knowledge. My advice is to start by reading the following document written by Google (they should know)
It's not hard, try not to 'game' the search system, it has a habit of evolving to the detriment of those trying to fool it.

Quality content that's it.

To rank your website you have to do SEO for your website. First do keywords reaserch and select proper keywords for which you website can rank. Then use that keywords in title, meta tags, alt tag. Create sitemap and robots.txt for website. Add original content on your website regularly. It will help to rank your website in search engine result page.

use blog commenting for good backlinks its easy an effected.
any i think every one know quality content are very important in SEO.

use quality content , use meaningful keywords, do linkbuilding

Do proper on page as well as off page optimizations.

First of all analyze that website as per ON page basis then after if there is a need to do change in On page then update them then after try to get high/quality/thematic backlink for that site. 1 more most important thing, insert unnique and genuine content on your site and on all pages.

For ranking website first do keyword analysis for your website. Select proper keywords and use that keywords in title, meta tags, alt tag. Also add original and quality content on your website. Get quality backlinks for your website.

Go for Seo tecniques via SEO expert services.

forum posting , participent in question answering website & smo are good option for good seo methods.

Stop link building and do content marketing

(1)Mention keywords where they matter more.
(2)link to internal pages on your site.
(3)Remove that things from your website which makes your ranking decrease.
(4)link to other websites with relevant content.
(5)Stop changing ypur domain name.
(6)Update your website frequently.

I don't know

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