I want to start SEO work at my own home but I dont know how to get Inhouse SEO project!

Welcome All SEO experts Suggestions
Thanks Advance

Go to Elnace websites and show your skills there. There you definitely you can get best responses,


create website for yourself, put your portfolio and start doing seo. use homebased seo as a keyword, im sure you will get clients for that.

Start local level marketing to get in house seo projects and make one website to show your services and optimize it on targeted keywords.

If you have the abilities to work than don't worry and make effort to get project form E lance and o desk

Try your hands on free lancer sites like odesk etc.

As per my knowledge there are many freelancing website who provides searvices you are looking for.

you have to build up your reputation in free lancing sites
you will have to rate a small money to projects at first to build up a good record
there are a list of free lancing websites today search them in google and get started

You can post on some web forum ,which someone may want to find SEO expert.

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If you want to Seo in house, first you prepare and expert in seo, then get free lance project.

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You can easily get projects from elance and odesk. It will surely help you. Go for it.

Good Luck!

Well, working with SEO projects in house is going to require some more resources and you have to make sure you are working in a correct manner.

You my friend are unfortunately stuck in the chicken or the egg conundrum that many people get stuck in when they are first starting out. You need to do work to get and show your experience, you need experience to get work.

Freelancer.com, odesk, and a few others are great options as mentioned above at getting started. Unfortunately even the good paying jobs on there are going to require that you have a portfolio of work to show off. You can do your best to try and get jobs on these and in may require quite a few attempts but eventually you may make headway.

Inbetween trying to get those jobs you can also search online classifieds like ebay, kijiji, etc. for people looking for SEO services.

If none of that is working and you need to build a portfolio, I would create a few blogs/websites yourself. Get those to the top of search engine results, carry an excellent alexa rank - this will help to show potential clients that you know what you are doing with SEO because you can actually show your results. This will also make it easier to score freelance work.

Have your own porfolio with great rankings for the website. Register and bid projects in Freelancing websites like, freelancer, elance, peopleperhour, etc.

I my opinion, first you start as free lancer and find out some local and small firms and offer them seo and do it for free. It will be like a training for you also.

All the best

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