Hello everyone,

I have to put this site in first 20 Google results for Auto Filters ( for Romania ) , any tips and advices? I haven't do SEO to any website but i have some ideas . I'm lookin' for some advices for a good start :D

Thank's in advance

I am not a SEO expert . I am using Attracta.com for my many site personaly . U have to put your web url it will search your all pages and make a site map and submit all magor search enjins . Many other helping tools about Seo u find here .

According to new seo algorithm "humming bird", you website must contain high quality and orignal content. so try to improve the content in your website, it will be better for seo.

is your on page completed

than try to start link building by relevent sites of your site and update your site content weekly

When site will have full of quality back links then it would be come on good rank more quickly. So for that try to get back links same theme based sites.

can you suggest some more analysis tool for seo

Make a analysis of your site with some free tools, like check your backlinks with back link watch and also check Google webmaster and Google anaylatic.

If you want to do SEO to rank your website on search engines you have to do on page optimiztion and off page optimization for your website. On page optimization and off page optimization are parts of SEO. In on page optimization we do changes on the website and in off page optimization we do directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission etc to get backlinks to werbsite.

Is anybodies kwyword get down after penguin update.If it is so, please tell me the tips to recover it because I had face that problem

For all those who want to know about the Humming bird algorithm. I have created a detail post on it. How it will effect the search result and traffic.

It is not a problem, just be logical and provide the valuable content. You will never get hit and yes,Dont copy from anyone.

Based on your objective, you have to first identify the targeted keywords with less competition in the specific geo-targeting region. Then you can develop the keyword targeting content and do all on-page optimization on the website.

  • Quality content is very important for SEO.
  • Build high quality backlinks with good page authority and domain authority.

Analyze your web site fully that should meet all SEO metrics, Search about targeted keywords, include all meta data, configure web master tools and analytics. Finally you can start link buildings.

what are all the new techniques had arised in seo process???

First do website ananlysis. Add new content on the website, do keyword research, create title, meta tags, alt tag for each page, try to reduce loading speed.

the more content the better, the more pages the better, the more questions you answer and areas you cover on one given topic the better,

First submit your site to google through Google Webmaster tools and resolve the basic issues listed out there....

I SUGGESTS YOU to start seo techniques as all these techniques are very muh helpful in the seo process.

Use only quality content so as to create links else you could be penalised.

On page optimization and off page optimmization are two parts of SEO.
First do on page optimization for website. In on page you have to do changes on the website like title, meta tags, alt tag for each page on your website, create sitemap and robots.txt file etc. Then do directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking etc to get backlinks for your website.

Google Seo techniques are- On page optimization and Off page optimization. On Page Optimization covers what can be done on the pages of the website itself and Off Page Optimization covers which covers activity that takes place elsewhere like link building.
On Page Seo Checklist-
Start with keyword selection, research and testing.
Meta description Tag
ALT Tags
Header Tags
URL Structure
Internal Linking Strategy

To rank your website in search engine result page, you have to do SEO for your website. In SEO first do on page optimization and then do off page optimization to get backlinks for your website.

Do quality work with unique content and also post your own blog with good information to attract visitor.

In SEO on page optimization and off page optimization are two parts to rank website we have to do first on page optimization for website and then off page optimization like directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission to get backlinks to website.

post quality content for link building.

Do proper on page optimizations, make a website as search engine friendly.

Here are few tips:

1.Tag your keywords on your header of your website.
2.Submit your website to Google using webmaster.
3.Promote your site over social media.
4.Write article on blogs and forums to get back links.

oh nice and thnaks for the wonderful sharing

Make the website about one thing,Mention keywords where they matter most,Link to internal pages on your site,Use a permalink structure that includes keywords,Remove anything that slows down your website,Use keywords in your images,Link to other websites with relevant content,Update your website frequently,Make sure your website is indexed in search engines,Have other websites link to you,Stop changing your domain name,Write like a human....follow this steps for your website

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