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None of the listings on our ASP.NET website at my company appear in search results. Everyone's just universally accepted (like always) this fact, and just try to work around it. Now my boss is saying for one of the brands we're a dealer for we've gone way down in search results and need to create more static HTML landing pages of BS random useless content.

I know they don't care to know why, but I would like to know. Google does come across these listings, as I can see in the duplicate titles list in Google Webmaster Tools... The "Basic Information" page, at least; then there's Full Specifications which I can't find in that list, and I know they all have the same title so they should be there too.

The site itself is a complete mess. No URL routing/SEO-friendly URLs whatsoever, meta tags and titles are a mess, GA tracking is useless as it's not appropriately configured, server errors left and right, many of the basic functions don't work, plenty other basic functions that most websites have working fine our developer can't make happen... like searching our manually-maintained news database (of links to copies of sent email campaigns on our server), RSS (big one, for listings, oh well), Update Profile, login (so many people had problems logging in that they took away the passwords; still we get complaints and all you have to do is put in your email).......... so you see...

But can anyone tell me why our listings won't show up in searches/Google? Please don't quote me because I want to remove this later, but the website is [will add later]. I know all their titles are the same, and their URLs are messy. Is that it? That's the whole problem? or is there some other trick I'm unaware of for ASP.NET in particular or something? I know nothing about ASP.NET, only learning little bits from dealing with this website every day, but I don't even have access to the source code, only our "programmer" in India has that :)

Please and thanks...

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