While planing and launching a new business website, when we should plan for SEO also? Some people say, we can start promotion even before launch of website but after registartion of domain. Would this apprach deliver some benefit? Or, after how much time we shopuld think about SEO?

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Well, once you launch website you could move forward with the SEO process. As far as the promotion is concerned yes you could start promotion even before launch of website, it would start creating the interest among the users that something good is going to come out.

  1. Give 1 week so that Google will crawl it.
  2. Start doing your strategy - choose keywords - content perspective
  3. Select a team for SEMO - SEO - On Page if applicable
  4. Don't start Off Page until you do a hard work on On Page
  5. Create social media channels (Twitter,Facebook,G+)

Hi Samyak:

Most offsite seo would actually backfire for you to do before your site is published.

You do not need to wait for Oh Mighty Google's friendly spiders to find your site before you start offsite SEO. Often your organically and naturally engaging in offsite SEO can assist with drawing the spiders to your site.

Do create a plan before you start.

And remember to flex and make changes according to who really does find and interact with your site.


According to me, you should start seo simultaneously. You must be doing smo for your new website for its promotion. But SEO is long term process so start that as well

definately, We can promote our website before launcing it too. through: mobile marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing etc.
But you should Clearly Mentioned that When Your Site is going to be launched.?
else some user click and find nothing then they will include your later posts as fake post...
and YES, This will give some benefit too. because how early you promote you gain some more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) need Google Analytics, XML report, etc...
i will like to say you should do SEO later when you launced website...
XML Reports all get updated but its more better that you firstly Publish your Site.

There are other ways also to promote your Site.
SEM (Search engine optimization) , and some that I declare before. can make you more benefit (Traffic to your website).

I hope I help you.! :)

During site design and development stage itself, you can start seo work. by providing seo friendly URL, Unique content, relevant images with ALT tags and much more.

It's never too soon to begin your SEO efforts. In fact, an ultra important aspect of SEO is your site's navigation structure, and how pages are laid out.

you should meet all the on page optimization before launching your website and start promotions.once our website going live then you start doing off page optimization .

Complete your sites on page process like add meta title, description, keyword and many more that easy to access for SE robot.
Then submit your site to webmaster tool for crawl and index your page.
Generate xml sitemap for fast indexing and crawling your inner pages. Also submit it into webmaster tool.
Then focus to build quality back links by off page optimization.

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