Yes I'm too worry about this Update. Because my website still not responsive. Could anyone say something please, This 21st April Google Algorithm update will penalize non-mobile friendly websites?

I'm waiting for your valuable response.

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Yes. For any searches made on a mobile phone or small device Google is going to give favor to websites that are responsive / show correctly.

This algo update will roll out on April 21st 2015

Yes, Google latest algo is the risk for non responsive websites, so you must be aware of it and make your website responive..

Thanks RyanKempe! After asking here I searched and found many information through this post. Mainly I saw there isn't any worryness recent on this update. I think when I've found .7% of visitors I got from mobile so it will take a time to affect my business in this movement.

Yes exactly. This algo update will only affect you if you have a large percentage of mobile traffic.

Another way to "mobilize" a website without fussing with PHP is here: Get Mobile-Ready in 10 Minutes or less

It's free, and temporary. (Emphasis on the temporary part). It's also my blog post, so if pointing to it is against the rules here, mods -- please feel free to remove this comment.

Finally, This update has brought these..

1.Affects only search rankings on mobile devices
2.Affects search results in all languages globally
3.Applies to individual pages, not entire websites

Google Webmaster Central Blog comfirm them..

And thanks everyone specially daniwebfan2009 , almostbob and Rayn

commented: thanks for the conclusion =) +9

Google Webmaster Central Blog says Mobile Friendly Design is one of the ranking factor for Mobile SERP Results, it won't only focus to rank. but it also one of the major factor for ranking.

Kind Regards

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