Has anyone used http://www.textlinksrus.com ?

The charge $49 for 50 one way text links.

Advice please?


I haven't heard of them. Is the $49 a one time fee or a monthly fee? Are the sites you will be listed on crawled by the major search engines? Are they crawlable at all? Is the the PR of the pages you would be on decent? Can you vary your anchor text? If the answer to all the above questions are yes, then if it's worth a buck a link not to have to go through the arduous task of doing your own submitting, cool. But pay attention to your anchor text. That's the key. If you want to do it yourself you can submit to directories that are free and do not require a reciprocal link. info.vilesilencer.com would be a good place to start. He generally has a list of a couple hundred directories available and they are updated every month. It's said that all IBLs are good, but some are certainly better than others.

Hi All

Not even $1 per link and that too for one way links. Its really cheap.

Are these links are permanent links and not FFA links.
Do they trade links manually or through softwares?

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